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Vitako’s Prizes

Viipuri Prize

The Viipuri Prize is awarded every two years to an internationally respected researcher who has made significant achievements in the field of strategic research. The prize is worth €10,000 and is awarded to an individual who has had a substantial impact on research at LUT Business School.

In 2022, the Viipuri Prize was awarded to Professor Henry Chesbrough from the University of California. Professor Chesbrough is an organisational theorist who developed the concept of open innovation.

Recipients of the Viipuri Prize


Professor Henry Chesbrough

Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Chesbrough, a thought leader, is recognised worldwide as the father of open innovation. He introduced the concept of open innovation in the early 21st century, and two decades later, this paradigm remains relevant. In addition to open innovation, Chesbrough’s expertise includes business models, industrial development, and innovation strategies.


Professor Erik Brynjolfsson

Stanford University, USA

Brynjolfsson is widely known for his research and work on the relationship between information technology, productivity, and the digital economy, including the rise of artificial intelligence and its impact on the workforce. He has conducted pioneering research on digital commerce, pricing models, and intangible assets.


Professor Rebecca M. Henderson

Harvard Business School, USA

Henderson received the prize for her achievements in leadership and innovation. Much of Henderson’s research focuses on how organisations respond to large-scale technological changes. Sustainable development and the competitiveness of companies in a changing world are also central topics of her research.