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What does Vitako do?


Vitako actively supports the development projects of the LUT University and its surroundings, as well as the cities of Lappeenranta and Lahti and their neighbouring areas.

Vitako is one of the channels for funding LUT University.

For decades, Vitako has been providing support for research, teaching, and development in the fields of business studies and industrial engineering. Thanks to the association’s funding, the university has established positions for professors of practice, and many new research institutions have been opened with the assistance of Vitako. For example, LUT’s J. Hyneman Center was established through Vitako’s donation. Vitako is also one of the founders and partial owners of Green Campus Innovations Ltd.

LUT University

LUT University is a university of technology, economics, and social sciences operating in two cities, Lappeenranta and Lahti. Vitako aims to be involved in supporting and developing an international and vibrant LUT University, where research is of high quality and education is excellent.


Vitako grants scholarships to students, both at the undergraduate and doctoral levels. The various scholarships and awards aim to support LUT University students and encourage researchers to conduct high-quality research as well as collaborate with the university. Vitako also provides funding to student organisations.

Viipuri Prize

The Viipuri Prize is presented every other year to an internationally renowned researcher who has made significant achievements in the field of strategic research. The award is valued at €10,000 and is given to an individual who has made a significant impact in regard to research at LUT Business School.

The 2022 Viipuri Prize was awarded to Professor Henry Chesbrough. Professor Chesbrough, from the University of California, is an organisational theorist who developed the concept of open innovation.

The Teemu Aho scholarship

The Teemu Aho scholarship has been awarded to doctorate students since 2010. This scholarship is granted annually to support the creation of high-quality doctor’s theses in the fields of industrial engineering, business studies, or applied information technology.

In 2011, the scholarship was granted to Heidi Olander and Samuli Kortelainen.