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The Society for Viipuri School of Economics

Vitako, also known as the Society for Viipuri School of Economics, is an association founded in 1919. Our mission is to support the development of LUT University. We serve as a channel for funding the university, with the support primarily directed towards business and industrial engineering research.

Internationality and bringing together top researchers from various fields to collaborate with the university are Vitako’s main objectives.

In Cooperation With

Lappeenrannan Yliopisto
Green Campus Innovations LTD.
Lappeenrannan kaupunki
Lahden kaupunki
Enklaavi Ry
Kaplaaki Ry


Viipuri Prize 2022

Professor Henry Chesbrough
Haas School of Business University of California, Berkeley, USA

Viipuri Prize 2019

Professor Erik Brynjolfsson 
Stanford University, USA 

Teemu Aho Scholarship 2011

DSc (Economics and Business Administration) Heidi Olander and DSc (Technology) Samuli Kortelainen